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Stock Netting for a deer farm
Project Info

Description: Here we provided stock netting for a deer farm. The project included loads of ground clearance, vegetation removal and work in a tricky environment containing low branches, tree stumps on a very hilly site with un-even ground.

Specification: Stock Control Netting/Fencing, Vegetation Removal

Status: completed successfully

stock netting/fence product
Stock Netting, Horse Fencing, Deer Fencing and Pheasant Pens
Used primarily for stock control e.g. sheep, deer, goats. but can also be used in all manner of uses including Pheasant Pens and zoos.

Looking for Barbed Wire Fencing?

Post banger
Project Info

Deer fencing can require very tall posts do be driven into the ground to great depths, thus providing a solid fence which is too high for deer to scale. We normally drive posts using a tractor mounted banger or set them in by hand. However, as you can see from this image we sometime have to resort to drastic measures and a post banger on a tele-handler. We've not been betten by a fence yet!

Traditional deer fencing with wooden supports
Project Info

We like our fences to be robust and last as long as possible. We use traditional fencing techniques to ensure the strain is maintained which in turn ensures the fence structure isn't compromised ensuring your stock are safe and secure.

Pheasant Rearing Pen fencing with wooden supports and high tensile strainers
Project Info

Pheasanr/Fowl rearing pens can be constructed using similar techniques to the larger deer fencing. Here we've used wooden struts and high tensile wire to provide the fence strength and support.

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