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Chain Link Fencing
Project Info

Description: This was a chain link fencing project for a local school. It included ground clearance, removal of the exiting fence, hedge re-instatement and installation of the new chain link fence.

Specification: Secure, Safe, High Quality fence, Strict timeframe.

Status: completed successfully

Chain link fence product
Chain Link Fencing
Chain Link fencing is great for things like tennis courts and ball court. It is secure and offers great flexibility over un-even terrain. It provides a secure fencing solution but is unobtrusive so won't impact on the visual aspect of the premisses, so you won't look like Fort Knox.

Chain Link fencing comes as Mild Steel and High Tensile. Mild Steel is generally plastic coated and long lasting but is cheeper than High Tensile (commonly known as Super70). High Tensile provides a more robust, very secure fence, no easily breached and is a much more cost effective solution than ridgid panels or palisade.

Chain Link can be hung on Wooden, Concrete or Steel posts dependant on the project parameters.

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