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Barbed Wire fencing
Project Info

Description: The farmer customer required a cheaper fencing solution than stock netting as the other side of the hedge had already been stock fenced and the hedge was in good order.

Specification: Barbed Wire fence, 4 strands for Sheep

Status: completed successfully

Barbed Wire Fencing
Typically used in agriculture for stock retention i.e. Cattle (2 strands is adequate) and Sheep (4 strands), but is not to be used with horses, this fence provides a lower cost solution to stock netting. Very useful where hedge conservation is desired and for fencing adjacent to waterways as the flood water can flow easily through it.

Barbed Wire comes as High Tensile or Mild Steel. Farmers tend to prefer Mild Steel, which is cheaper and easier to work with. Whilst High Tensile offers increased life span and will maintain it's tension for longer.

Barbed Wire to protect the house
Project Info

Description: Here we installed a barbed wire fence adjacent to a house to ensure that the stock in the neighbouring field didn't rub against it.

Specification: barbed wire fence with stock netting underneath

Status: completed successfully

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